We are not recruiting, stop asking for it please

ZinK Clan is a veterant family FPS team that use to play on Quake 3 and AssaultCube (nothing very serious...). "ZinK" stands for... nothing :) At the beginning, there were a cousin gang, that's all.

We are not recruiting, unless you belong to our family ;) but feel free to use our servers respecting the quality of game.

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ZinK News...

  • May, 26th : Z1S admins / Now admins are : A&D_Shadow, stef, exis, Randum, Darknot, Meatpie and talou... Now give up cheaters !
  • Jan, 21th : in 4 days, Experimental server (ZXPS) host will shut down forever / (I stop to pay for it, because it only runs for AC, I don't need it for something else for now).
    But I keep the ZinKOne Server (Z1S) host, of course.
    Because of the popularity of ZXPS I wonder if there could be something to do to open other server ports for a second instance of AC on the 093 version... I suspect that the answer is NO, but maybe there is a trick ? Or the solution is that the new experimental server will be CVS (not recommended for now...)
    What do you, users, think of that ? look at this forum topic
  • Dec, 26th : ri_toxic on XPS / ri_toxic from radumidiot now in the maprot of the experimental server.
  • Nov, 9th : New CSL site / Thanks to }TC{noob for having warned us about the new site for CubeServerLister : cubelister.sourceforge.net. Great work !
    His message :
    "Under the same site you can download a server patch which will gives you the possibiliy to see whats going on on your server. If you would like to get a first impression of this server patch then take a look on the sauerbraten servers who are marked with a red plus.
    Additionnally, a new version of CSL is out : version 0.75, that rocks. But for now, we don't plan to patch the ZinK servers, because of the lack of debug-and-code-review-time (ZinK Experimental is also a patched server)
  • Oct,27th : AssaultcubeServerCheck / If you ever wanted to know how this page is done, look at this one
  • Sept, 25th : try CSL 0.6.1 / Also available for MacOS / http://the-conquerors.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=365
  • Sept, 20th : RSS syndication ! / You can now use a small basic rss feed to follow AC/ZinK news : right here !
  • Sept, 19th : CSL / wow, give a try to Cube Server Lister ! Under win/linux... this sheet of code roxorize polar bears !!!
  • august : ZinK admins / ZinK servers admins are : AD_Shadow, exis, stef and ZinK|talou
  • august : Exp. Serv rev6 / Experimental Server patched anew : wispering, map storage.
  • June, 19th : Exp. Serv rev4 / Experimental server patched against empty scores (thanks stef) - rev4
  • June, 12th : Exp. Serv rev3 / Experimental server patched against score bug (thanks stef) - rev3
  • June, 10th : autoexec / New autoexec.cfg sample for 0.93
  • June, 6th : Exp. Serv rev1 / The ZinK Experimental server uses a tricked version (thx stef) to kick some cheater's asses and to auto send /get maps.
  • June, 5th : AC 0.93 / 0.93 is here !!!
  • May, 27. 2007 : AC tricks and tips / Some tricks and demos on this page
  • May, 11. 2007 : AssaultChanges / A page to list the changes of AssaultCube : Assault Cube changes
  • May, 8. 2007 : openings / Hey, we open a little page to communicate a bit, about FPS world. But not too much ! For tutorials and so on, there are good documentations on other clan sites, and on forums ! But don't hesitate to ask for help in course of a game... Let's frag now !